Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Frank Taira Supit hanged himself?

The Jakarta Post quoted family members that lawyer turned airline businessman and key supporter of Amien Rais in 2004 election Frank Taira Supit had committed suicide, hanged himself in his Rempoa residence, South Jakarta.

Mr Supit is the co-founder of corporate law firm Makarim & Taira Supit, National Mandate Party (PAN), and airline company PT Efata Papua Airlines. Police is investigating the case and awaiting the autopsy result to confirm whether it was really suicide.
Mr Supit, Graduated from Harvard Law School (summa cum laude, the first Indonesian to get that), married to a Filipino. He also established PT Sigma Batara.
At Air Efata, Supit owns 8% directly and indirectly through PT Taira Markas (90%). Papua governor Barnabas Suebu reportedly owns 2%.
"Looks like he had huge professional and personal problems recently. But I'm shocked to hear the sad news," one of his friends said.
"He's a perfectionist, smart, and low profile. But I never imagine his life ended like that," another friend said.
Evening paper Sinar Harapan reported in its headline that Supit's wife Marylou reported the tragedy on Monday. Marylou declined to comment on speculations about Mr Supit's death.
The paper quoted several sources that Air Efata has been in trouble with liabilities to Angkasa Pura I, II, Pertamina, and other companies of more than Rp100 billion. The airline has reportedly invested Rp180 billion. Supit tried to restructure the company's debt with new loans from Bank Lippo, but the bank pulled out in the last minutes. Air Efata also got loans from Oentoro Surya (owner of PT APOL) and overseas institutions thanks to his reputation as respected lawyer.
He survived Marylou, and three children (Harumi Supit from his first wife, and two kids of 8 and 7 years old). He paid higher salary for pilots, co-pilots, air crews and land staffs than any airline in the country.
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