Monday, February 26, 2007

Top 10 Google Products

As you surely know, Google is a company that owns an impressive number of products from multiple categories such as video solutions, mail services, calendar, blogs and numerous search technologies including news, jobs, maps, groups and patents. Obviously, every client of the Google products has his own favorite services used every day for a certain activity. In the next lines, I'll present you the top 10 Google solutions in my opinion with a short description for every service in the list.

1. Google Search is regarded as the best search engine on the Internet because it provides an impressive amount of information from numerous websites in the entire world. I use it every day for certain activities so I guess it is quite popular among the Internet users.

2. Gmail is the mail solution provided by Google, released on April 1, 2004 and available as a free public beta. Since the launch date, Gmail was available only by invitations,

requiring users to register for the service using an invitation sent by another client of the product. The service was improved several times but the most important feature seems to be Mail Fetcher that allows users to receive up to 5 POP3 accounts directly into the Gmail inbox. Another important update is the Google Talk interoperability that helps Gmail users communicate with friends and family using the interface of the mail solution.

3. Image Search is a technology provided as a part of the Google Search, allowing you to find pictures from the websites located on the entire Internet. It was the subject of a well-known controversy because the company improved its interface but, after an impressive number of users' complaint, Google decided to switch it back to the old appearance.

4. Google News is one of the most popular sources of information on the Internet because it receives news and latest headlines from almost 4500 publications from the entire world. Although the product displays only the headline but places a link to the original publisher, it was often criticized for receiving praises for the content offered by other sources.

5. YouTube is the leader of the online video services that allows you to upload, share and comment videos with friends or other members of the community. The product was acquired in October 2006 for $1.6 billion and caused numerous lawsuits for Google, the company being accused of publishing videos without authorization.

6. Google Maps is probably the most popular solution in its category, allowing users to view maps and other imagery captured directly from the satellites. It is used in many domains; multiple publications reported that even terrorists were connecting to the service to organize attacks against the UK troops located in Basra.

7. Docs & Spreadsheets is regarded as the Office solution provided the search giant that allows users to create, edit and share documents using a simple web-based interface. The product is available for free so I guess it can represent a powerful rival for the well known Microsoft solution.

8. Blogger is the blog service developed by the search giant to help users post and comment articles wrote by numerous authors. Recently, the company revealed the final version of the Blogger that provides an innovative interface bundled with new exciting features.

9. AdSense is currently the most attracting service provided by the search giant because it allows users to earn money quick and easy by placing ads on their websites. The solution is based on the pay per click procedure because it automatically transfers a certain amount of money into the owner's account every time a user clicks on the adverts.

10. Google Video is another video solution provided by Google that provides almost the same features as YouTube but it is currently in beta. Although the company now owns two similar products, its representatives sustained Google Video will continue to exist but will be based on the content it provides.

So, this is my Top Ten Google Products. Feel free to comment it but remember these are the most popular services provided by Google in MY opinion, so try to avoid criticizing me because I really use all these solutions.
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