Monday, January 29, 2007

What is Better than Sex?

I guess you would do anything to find out what is that thing that makes people forget about sex, wouldn't you? I felt the same but after finding out what that thing was, I kind of had a feeling of being misled. I suppose you will feel the same but, what the heck, here it goes.

According to a survey conducted by the UK mobile phone retailer Dial-a-Phone, 30 percent of the men and a pretty good slice of the number of women (approximately 42.5 percent) would answer their cellphone while they have sex.

If that is not a clear sign that they would enjoy more talking with their friends, with the family members or who knows with what other individuals, then what is? And if that survey is true, the things seem to go on the same down falling route as in the case of the dinosaurs :). Where will we be and how many of us will still think of sex if the mobile phone manufacturers keep releasing better and better handsets each day?

Giving credit to the guys that made this study, you should also know that 24 percent of the participating women also declared they would

rather give up sex instead of their handsets for a whole month. I suppose this would be a pretty good way for the monasteries to assure the nuns follow the celibacy oath: give a nun a couple of hundred cellphones to keep her busy and the danger of her wanting some male attention reduces dramatically :).

Flic Everett, the relationship expert (as he calls himself) from Dial-a-Phone, has expressed his total disagreement about the whole thing and said to “never ever answer your phone during sex...There's a time and a place for mobile phones! Turning them off occasionally or even switching them to silent will make your loved-one feel as though they have your attention.”

Furthermore, besides being something way better than sex in the mind of some troubled humans from the United Kingdom, the phones also are an important part for some of us when having to start a new relationship or even when wanting to end one without having to deal with our “worse” half's discontent.

As the relationship expert from Dial-a-Phone has once again said: “singletons consider their mobile phone their most valuable dating weapon - arranging dates and getting to know prospective partners through text messaging (sending on average 12 before they meet up) to relaying the success of the date during the event to their mates (four out of five contact a mate during a date). "

Concluding all the things I wrote above, I guess one single word could sum up very well where we are heading to in case cellphones become better than ever before and things follow the pattern discovered by Dial-a-Phone: EXTINCTION! (you have remembered the dinosaurs didn't you? :) (they probably also had cellphones or at least something veery similar).
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