Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 will deliver a positive impact on the workflow inside an institution. Case in point-the Menninger Clinic. Microsoft revealed that the adoption

of Office SharePoint Server 2007 has reduced paperwork up to 25%. According to the Redmond Company, the clinic has adopted a single system with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 at its basis.

“Microsoft SharePoint has been invaluable to us, as the application we were working with was becoming too complicated to maintain with one full-time employee and two consultants dedicated to its maintenance,” said Terry Janis, director of Information Technology at Menninger. “Now we can devote those funds to other projects that contribute to higher-quality patient care — all while fulfilling HIPAA requirements.”

“Office SharePoint Server 2007 offers Menninger the ability to easily store, manage and retrieve patient demographic information and clinical documentation,” said Chris Sullivan, Healthcare Provider Solutions Director of the U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Group at Microsoft. “A normalized relational database design for this application might require dozens of tables. The document-centric design of Menninger’s system uses SharePoint Server 2007 to reduce this to a handful of lists and document libraries.”

According to Microsoft, the Menninger Clinic, an international psychiatric hospital in Houston has managed to save $80,000 per year following the deployment of the new system, based on Office SharePoint Server 2007. Microsoft's announcement comes in concert with the Health Information Management and Systems Society’s annual IT conference for 2007.
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