Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stand-alone controller runs Linux


United Electronic Industries has introduced the UEIPAC line of programmable automation controllers. These stand-alone modules contain an embedded computer running a standard Linux operating system, two Ethernet ports, a serial port, an SD card interface, an inter-PAC sync interface, and either three or six I/O card slots.

I/O boards add up to 150 analog inputs and 288 digital I/O channels. Other I/O boards add analog outputs, counter/timer channels, quadrature encoders, serial ports, CAN bus ports, and ARINC-429 interfaces. You can write your application on a PC and download it to the controller, which can then operate as a stand-alone unit. The modules operate in harsh environments from –40°C to +85°C, at 5g vibration, 50g shock, and up to 70,000 ft in altitude (for aerospace testing).

Prices: UEIPAC 300 (3 I/O board slots)—$1495; UEIPAC 600 (6 I/O boardslots)—$1795. United Electronic Industries,
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