Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Do Geeks Take the Chicks?

Even the scientific research proves it: girls like to hang around with sexy guys but they will marry a geek.

Those computer rats that overinvest in intelligence but undermine their social skills could be the best choice.

Women only have to figure that out for many reasons:

Geeks are reliable. You may think geeks, through their higher IQ and power of understanding the suffering they can inflict in their beloved partners, would not “go astray”. Thus, they will be loyal to their mates for better and for worse.

Is that right?

No, no, no.

Each male, the ultimate nerd, is programmed to spread sperm.

But the geek’s undeveloped social skills do not help in supporting an affair, and in

fact, he keeps on being puzzled about how they ended up with the lover they have been attracted to.

Dating with a geek is really the beginning of a relationship that can last forever.

Geeks are the best on what they do.

Theye won't sleep during the night cause they're preoccupied by things you have never heard about, from hacking, playing video games, or other issues like that.

If their new hobby is sex, you can imagine what follows: he will pirate your brain, hack your genitalia or whatever using also oral connections and links. Your previous lovers were jerks preoccupied by their person and coexisting with their own conceit. But geeks are not interested in social status; they won't spend the time with prosaic issues like sports and fashion, so they have more time for you, girls. Those activities would mean social contact, and they are extremely reluctant to this. As they are isolated, you could mean for a geek his whole universe, so you will be the only target of his attention, from nurturing to lascivious desire.

The previous guys you had came after years of dating lots of other women; they experienced many failures and deceptions, so they ended up being very aware of the reality and having no intention of letting you find out that in their minds you are “just another girlfriend”.

Don't even try to understand the mind of a girl that has serially dated many men and her opinions about men. But with a geek, for whom you may be his “destroyer”, you will be hit by the zest of a beginner. They are not sexually confident but once they achieved, oh God (!), a sex resource, they will fully use each moment.

One more thing: do not underestimate the geek’s power of concentrating! They are as fierce as predatory beasts (you should see them playing computer games!). Do you wanna see the actual meaning of “all night long”?

And we did not mention their finger dexterity. You think this is achievable by pulling up weights at the gym? No, no, but geeks roll dice, play video games, flip pages in books, type a lot (even those keys that you do not know what are there for). You should know they push buttons and joysticks, so, you can imagine where their imagination could lead them.

‘Cause boredom kills a relationship, but geeks have more information sources than others. Which is the biggest porn source? The Internet, of course, and hundreds of gigabytes on their computers are filled with porn.

So, go and get a geek now!

Most of them are on the net.

But remember: a single geek is not sexy, so watch out!
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